Tips on Acquiring Bees

For acquiring bees, there are numerous ways and the price range from the 0$ to 200$. The best period for getting bees is spring season.

Methods of Acquiring Bees

Established Colonies

Tips on Acquiring Bees Established Colonies

The cost of buying bees for established colonies is high but is very worth every penny. Also, the bee inspector inspects most of the equipment.

Purchasing from established colonies don’t require any assembling of equipment as the queen bee will already be laying eggs in the hive.

Moreover, the possibility of the production of honey from the established colonies will be very high. You can also ask the previous owner about the bees history and their characteristics.

For beginners, buying bees from established colonies is the best way to start beekeeping. Check for the health of bees and chemicals used before purchasing.

Nucleus colonies

The nucleus colonies are the tiny bee colonies from the established colonies. Also, the frames in hives(4 to 5) are lesser than the usual beehive.

These colonies are beneficial in raising the queen bees — the price of nucleus hiver range from 100$ to 250$.

Mostly the nucleus colony comes with four to five frames of brood, which is suitable for a queen bee and adult bees. Order the bees before few months, as supplies will be out of stock during season time.

The nuclear colony is more comfortable in handling for the beginner in beekeeping. Also, it’s not very expensive compared to the established colony.

Package bees

Package bee producers are mostly present in the southern United States. Few package bee producer will send bees only during certain months(March to May). Also, it’s an easy method of acquiring bees.

The package bees include sugar syrup, 2-3 pounds of bees containing nurse bee, drone bee, defender bee, and queen bee in a separate cage. The hive is not usually present in package bees.

You have to release the worker bees first in the hive then after a few days release the queen bee. The price of the package bees is decidedly less comparing the established colony and nucleus colony.

In the absence of brood, the possibility of the production of honey in the first year decidedly less.

Monitor the bees carefully, as they have settled to weather in your locality.


Tips on Acquiring Bees Swarms

The swarms are also one the way of acquiring bees and are free. The handling bees of a larger group of swarms are easy.

With the help of an experienced person and protective clothing, you can quickly catch the swarms flying around your locality. And also, these are very healthy bee colonies moving from one place to another.

After collecting the bees, you can release bees in the artificial hive. These bees have a better survival rate and withstand severe climatic conditions.

These are ways you can acquire healthy bees to start your beekeeping. Monitor your beehive for a few days to know whether the bees are satisfactory.


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