Protective Clothing and Equipment For Beekeepers

Protective clothing and equipment for beekeepers are the first requirements in getting started with beekeeping. The list of the tools is below.

Here are the List of Clothing and equipment

  • One metal covered top
  • One bee veil
  • One inner cover
  • One hive tool
  • One bottom board
  • One bee smoker
  • Two standard 10-frame hive bodies, each body, contains 10-frames
  • Two shallow 10-frame supers with frames.
  • One queen excluder
  • One pr. bee gloves
  • One pr. coveralls

As bee sting is very painful and on bitting may cause swelling of the skins, so a protective cloth with a veil is necessary. Sometimes bees may enter the veil, so regularly have a complete checking before handling the honey bees. When bees around you, never remove the mask. There are chances to get a bee sting.

Essential Clothing and Equipment For Beekeepers

Beekeeping Suit

Protective Clothing and Equipment For Beekeepers beekeeping suit

Fully Protected Beekeeping Suit

Beekeeping suit protects your entire body from the bee stings. Always choose a light color suit over the dark color. As honeybees don’t like the dark color and may attack. Also, a beekeeper must learn to check the entire body before handling the hive.


Protective-Clothing and Equipment For Beekeepers beehive

Vertical Beehive Frame Sets

Hive is vital for raising the bees colony. It gives protection to honey bees during unfavorable climatic conditions. Also, it is easy to extract honey from artificial beehives.

Most people in America use Langstroth bee hive. Natural bamboo beehive and several other hive design are also present in the store.

Hive Tool

A hive tool is useful in opening and inspecting the beehives. The uses include prying off the cover, loosening frames, removing the bridge comb.

J-Hook and Frame Grip are the variants present in the store.



The Smoker

Smoker is a piece of essential equipment during the opening and extraction of honey. On puffing in the beehive produces smoke around the bee colonies which in turn helps in calming of the honey bees. Also, the smoker is a piece of essential equipment for beginning beekeeper.

The typical natural fuel for smokers is pine needles, citrus peels, eucalyptus stems, cardboard, and rotten wood or herbs.


A beekeeper must use a veil to cover the face and eyes during the opening of the beehive. Always prefer light color veils, as bees do not like dark color objects and may try to attack.

Bee gloves

Bee gloves protect the arms and hands from the bee stings. Choose a long sleeve glove which offers better protection.


On smoking, few bees tend to attach to the frames and comb. The brush supports to remove the honey bees smoothly and one of the essential equipment.

Always protect the sensitive area of the body with the protective cloths. Avoid wearing dark clothes like red or black because there chances of honey bees getting aggressive. Always choose white or light color coveralls during the honey extraction. These are the protective clothing and equipment for beekeepers for efficient beekeeping. 


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